Royal Hinshaw, PE

Signal Design Project Manager

Royal Hinshaw has extensive experience in the area of traffic signal design. As an NCDOT employee, he participated in the design of more than 1500 traffic signals, either directly or as a supervisor. As a consulting engineer, he has designed more than 115 signals and is consistently ranked in the top 20% (very good to perfect) of the private engineering firm rating scale by NCDOT’s consultant design review staff. (NCDOT provides this feedback with each design submitted.) Since 2005 at DAVENPORT, he has held chief responsibility for the preparation of signal plans, electrical & programming plans, and signal-system interconnection plans. He is experienced with complex signal design features, including superstreet intersections, out-of-street detection, long-vehicle speed detection, railroad preemption, and emergency vehicle preemption. He also has experience with fiber optic and wireless communication plans for coordinated signal systems and CCTV cameras. Prior to joining the staff at DAVENPORT, he spent six and a half years with NCDOT’s Signals Management Section where he developed invaluable relationships with NCDOT officials statewide. In addition to his NCDOT relationships, Royal also has strong relationships with many signal contractors and municipalities. His last position with NCDOT was as a Signal Equipment Design Project Engineer, where his duties included the preparation of electrical and programming details for traffic signal installations throughout the State of NC. In addition, he helped develop many of the standards used by NCDOT in plan preparation, including authoring much of the Signals Management section of the current ITS and Signals Unit Design Manual. His other duties included the design and testing of traffic signal equipment applications, training new employees, and providing technical support to other NCDOT units, contractors, and municipalities.

Registered PE in: NC, VA, SC


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Royal Hinshaw, PE