Michael Davenport

Transportation Technician

Michael Davenport has been with DAVENPORT since 2005, conducting numerous traffic data collection projects across North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina. He has communicated effectively with state and local government on traffic data collection issues, including arranging for temporary closure on sections of roadway. He has been the field coordinator on many projects for DAVENPORT, which included multiple counts on numerous private and public sector projects. To date Michael has been involved in over 2,000 turning movement counts, and over 250 counts for NCDOT. Michael has extensive Traffic Data Collection experience, specifically with JAMAR traffic counting equipment, Metro, NuMetrics NC-97 Classifiers, Travel Recorder XT, and PEEK ADR-1000 Traffic counters. Michael has managed several projects requiring knowledge of traffic and traffic control procedures and is fully versed in all aspects of emergency traffic control. In addition to work completed for various agencies and consultants.


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Michael Davenport