Winston-Salem Dash Stadium
Project Description

Located in downtown Winston-Salem, this project is comprised of a new baseball stadium for the Winston-Salem minor league baseball team – the Winston-Salem Dash. When fully built, the project will include several hundred thousand square feet of commercial and residential space. However, because of its downtown location, impacts to adjacent properties were a major concern. First of all, the project was located near several well established residential neighborhoods. These residents were concerned about noise, traffic, and parking. DAVENPORT had to work closely with these stakeholders to address these concerns from a transportation perspective. Secondly, there was virtually no room for traditional intersection improvements. In a more suburban area, the addition of auxiliary lanes is not as challenging. However, for this project, DAVENPORT engineers had to pull out the “shoe horn” to fit in the necessary improvements. This required significant negotiations with both the City and NCDOT.

DAVENPORT conducted a survey of all available parking within the stadium area, which encompassed the western side of downtown.  Only public parking and spaces that were identified by specific agreement were allowed to be counted in the available total.  This made the project challenging because although there were a number of spaces close by, they were controlled by individual property owners.  The challenge with going further from the site was access.  Simply put, people in the South aren’t generally willing to walk “long” distances to go to events.  One location rose to the top as ideal for stadium parking – a parking deck located on Fourth Street.  The only issue was the distance from the stadium.  DAVENPORT worked with the City, team owners, and other stakeholders to develop a plan which included a shuttle that could transport people between the stadium and the deck.  This plan was a necessary component to obtain approval for the overall project to move forward.  The final product of this project has been a success in terms of traffic planning. Parking has operated as planned.

As part of the project, DAVENPORT completed a list of services including a traffic impact analysis with various updates, a parking study, work zone traffic control plans, and an event management plan. DAVENPORT also designed off-site improvements including roadway and sidewalk design, traffic signal design, provided driveway permitting services, construction support services, as well as designed modifications to the interchange with Interstate-40 Business at the Broad Street on/off ramps. Public involvement was also critical in this project as it is located in a densely developed urban area. This project also included significant coordination with the City of Winston-Salem and NCDOT for driveway and encroachment permits. The results of this project have been a success in terms of traffic planning. The roadway improvements have operated as expected, and in addition, the traffic management plan developed by DAVENPORT is still in use during major events. Finally, all parking has worked as planned.

Winston-Salem Dash Stadium
Project Details
City of Winston-Salem
LocationWinston-Salem, NC
Traffic Impact Analysis, Traffic Data Collection