Wilmington Multi-Modal Transportation Center Categorical Exclusions
Project Description

DAVENPORT was requested to provide environmental services for Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority on an on-call basis for the Wave Transit’s Wilmington Multimodal Transportation Center project. The transportation project is in part federally funded, and therefore, National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) applied. Environmental services included the preparation of a NEPA Documented Categorical Exclusion (DCE) document for a local bus transportation center that may eventually be incorporated into a multi-modal transit center. The project site encompasses approximately two acres. DAVENPORT performed on-site investigations to identify environmental features located within a 250-foot radius of the project area.

In addition, DAVENPORT utilized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to perform a cursory environmental screening of the project area to identify potentially direct, secondary and cumulative environmental impacts due to the project design alternatives. DAVENPORT conducted extensive research for preparation of the DCE, and has coordinated with federal, state and local agencies, as required. DAVENPORT prepared a DCE document detailing the purpose and need for the project, the proposed improvements, and provided additional supporting documentation from lead and cooperating agencies, as required. The DCE document was approved with no comments.

Wilmington Multi-Modal Transportation Center Categorical Exclusions
Project Details
Cape Fear Transit Authority
LocationWilmington, NC
Environmental Assessments