Wake Forest Intersection and Parking Lot Upgrade
Project Description

DAVENPORT applied their expertise and problem solving skills to redesign a primary parking lot located at the heart of the Wake Forest University campus. Parking Lot Q is bounded on the north by Carroll Weathers Drive, on the east by Wake Forest Road, and on the southwest by Alley Easley Street. New senior class residence halls located to the north required access to the lot previously not available. WFU asked DAVENPORT to solve two key issues – improve circulation, increase safety and access through the lot according to ADA standards. Since WFU knew that this parking lot had major circulation issues, DAVENPORT studied the lot and traffic patterns in order to offer WFU solutions to improve circulation.

DAVENPORT created a design to improve operation, accessibility and circulation within the lot. This design focused on the largest area of concern – the extreme NW & SE part of the lot. In many, of the drive aisles, a vehicle could not turn around without making a three point turn. DAVENPORT added a perimeter road to allow vehicles to flow in and out of aisles easily especially from the middle of parking lot to extreme northwest. The new design also increased safety by reducing the parking lot speed. Previously, the wide road on Aaron Lane through the middle of the Lot Q facilitated speeding and did not provide adequate crosswalks for pedestrians. The modified route decreased vehicular speeds and increased pedestrian safety while also increasing circulation. The adjacent residence hall also created a need for handicap access across the parking lot to the main portion of the campus. This handicap accessible walkway provides a pedestrian artery from the north campus to the center of campus for the first time. DAVENPORT also made additional improvement to bring the lot up to ADA standards and local jurisdictional design standards.

Wake Forest Intersection and Parking Lot Upgrade
Project Details
LocationWinston-Salem, NC
Operational and Safety Study, Bike/Ped Design, Site Design