US 17 Business Small Area Study
Project Description

The New Bern Area MPO commissioned DAVENPORT to develop a transportation planning document to guide development patterns along Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard (US 17 Business) between Trent Road and McCarthy Boulevard.

The New Bern Area MPO had identified numerous developments planned for the area and wished to ensure the transportation network was adequately planned to support them. As a part of this study, DAVENPORT projected future traffic volumes by using a background growth rate, and by adding traffic from recently approved, planned, and projected developments. An intersection level of service analysis for future conditions was performed using Synchro/SimTraffic software. DAVENPORT provided short and long-term recommendations for the study area. In addition to vehicular capacity and operational recommendations, DAVENPORT provided the New Bern MPO with recommendations to improve access management, pedestrian accommodations, and the development of a driveway manual for the City of New Bern. The report also offered long-term recommendations to promote inter-connectivity between developments and create more of a grid system with multiple travel route options, as well as connections to future greenways. Providing inter-connectivity between developments can diffuse local traffic and alleviate the main roadway (US 17 Business and Glenburnie Road) by providing alternate routes.

US 17 Business Small Area Study
Project Details
New Bern MPO
LocationNew Bern, NC
Transportation Impact Analysis, Operational and Safety Study, Transportation Planning, Traffic Data Collection