Town of Cary On-Call Traffic Data Collection
Project Description

DAVENPORT was recently selected to provide traffic data collection services for the Town of Cary.  The Town of Cary was seeking a qualified consultant to provide on-call services for traffic data collection in support of the Town’s programs and to adequately respond to citizens’ concerns and issues. DAVENPORT’s involvement will span single road tube automatic traffic recorder counts to intersection turning movements for traffic signal design and operations, and vehicle type classifications for pavement design and environmental analysis.

The town has indicated that many traffic count data requests will be time sensitive and will require timely responses. Due to DAVENPORT’s extensive experience with NCDOT traffic counts under our current NCDOT Data Collection On-Call Agreement, we are accustomed to quick turnaround times for traffic counts. The types of traffic data requested include: basic turn movement data (which can include classification of vehicles and data collection for bicycles and pedestrians), traffic data recording, and other traffic data collection.

Town of Cary On-Call Traffic Data Collection
Project Details
Town of Cary
LocationCary, NC
Traffic Data Collection