TMH Campus Transportation Study
Project Description

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s future development plans will co-locate medically related facilities within the TMH Campus. The existing TMH campus contains approximately 2.1MM square feet of development and it is estimated that an additional 1.2MM square feet of development will be added to the campus. In addition, it is anticipated that the 0.5MM square feet of existing hospital use will be converted to 0.5MM square feet of medical office use.

DAVENPORT prepared a transportation concurrency analysis and capacity analyses to address the future plans to estimate the impacts and necessary improvements to the surrounding transportation network. As a part of this study, existing, future no-build, future build, and future build with improvements scenarios were analyzed. Existing conditions were assessed by using available data and collecting additional traffic counts as necessary. Future conditions were projected by using the City’s future demand volumes (including committed traffic), QRS model data, and adjusting as necessary to account for known travel patterns. The future project traffic was added to the roadway and estimated using with travel demand modeling – ITE Trip Generation data, as well as the City’s QRS model results. Both segment and intersection capacity analyses were conducted to assess both potential transportation concurrency impacts, as well as operational impacts. Segment analyses were conducted by utilizing the City of Tallahassee Street Inventory and QRS model. The intersection analyses were conducted utilizing Synchro and SimTraffic.

Recommendations were assessed and provided to improve the operation, flow, and safety of the area in and around the TMH Campus as a whole. Recommendations included future signalization, optimization and synchronization, turn lanes, new roadway alignments, and the restriction of some movements, as necessary.

DAVENPORT is currently in the process of preparing signal design plans for two intersections, and preliminary signal plans for two intersections.

TMH Campus Transportation Study
Project Details
LocationTallahassee, FL
Operational and Safety Study, Transportation Impact Analysis, Traffic Design