Statesville Boulevard Sidewalks
Project Description

DAVENPORT provided services for three sidewalk construction projects in Salisbury, NC. The scope of the projects consisted of Construction Engineering and Ins   pection services for approximately 3.3 miles of concrete sidewalk, 2300 linear feet of curb and gutter, 1210 LF of new storm drain system, and other specified amenities to meet NCDOT and City of Salisbury requirements. The projects were Congestion and Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) funded with FHWA oversight. NCDOT was given direct responsibility of ensuring proper documentation and expenditures. 

Construction details of the three projects are as follows: Sports Complex Sidewalks – Sidewalk; wheelchair ramps; driveways; segmental retaining wall with handrailing; 330 LF stand-alone decorative handrailing; 8 LF 48” RCP with Class I rip-rap energy dissipater; 8 LF 36” RCP with concrete endwall & Class I rip-rap energy dissipater; 30 LF 15” RCP with FES & Class I rip-rap energy dissipater; 1164 LF 15”+18” RCP with concrete FES & Class I rip-rap energy dissipater; removal and replacement of existing guardrailing; adjustment of existing water & sewer services, where disturbed by new storm drain construction; and curb & gutter. Salisbury High School Sidewalks – Sidewalk, wheelchair ramps, driveways; 234 LF segmental retaining wall with handrailing; 30 LF stand-alone decorative handrailing, sidewalk flumes; and ancillary grading & minor (replacement) landscaping/trimming. Statesville Boulevard Sidewalk C-4909 from Yost Street to Jake Alexander Boulevard – Sidewalk; wheelchair ramps; driveways; 275 LF stand-alone decorative handrailing; and custom planter curbing.

Statesville Boulevard Sidewalks
Project Details
City of Salisbury
LocationSalisbury, NC
Construction Engineering Inspections