Santa Fe Drive Developments
Project Description

The Santa Fe Drive Developments project is located along Santa Fe Drive including properties to the east and west of the All American Expressway (AAE). The northern tract located to the west, includes a mixture of commercial and residential uses. The southern tract, located to the west, will be developed with apartments. The Military Business Park is located to the east of the AAE and is planned to become a large business park.

The expectation of DAVENPORT in this endeavor was clear: utilize our extensive skills and experience to design an access to a new development, provide solutions via in-depth studies and quality design, address issues while keeping multiple stakeholders informed and pleased with outcomes, and deliver a complete and successful project in record time. True to our reputation, we met those expectations.

This project involved access locations, spacing, and type along an existing over-capacity roadway. Also, an interchange improvement concept was developed that would not require widening of the All-American overpass bridge. DAVENPORT provided concept and final design for adding loop ramps to the existing diamond interchange. Due to the proximity and magnitude of these development projects, the City of Fayetteville as well as NCDOT were cautious and deliberate during the review/approval process. As a result, NCDOT’s Congestion Management group conducted and reviewed an in-depth traffic analysis. DAVENPORT provided the City of Fayetteville and NCDOT with a traffic analysis as well as concept designs. DAVENPORT successfully negotiated off-site roadway improvement requirements, satisfying both the public agencies and the developers. This project is an excellent example of our firm’s ability to work with multiple stakeholders without compromising the excellence in which we approach each project.

DAVENPORT’s involvement with this project has included transportation impact analysis (TIA), concept roadway design, cost estimation, final roadway and sidewalk design, pedestrian accommodation design, grading, stormwater management, and erosion and sedimentation control. Full transportation engineering services also included: traffic signal design, cable routing, interchange planning and design, signal system interconnect and CCTV/ITS camera design. DAVENPORT worked with the client to extensively provide services such as assigning, pavement marking, construction documents and permitting, bid services and related construction support. Having acquired the necessary approvals of NCDOT with minimal feedback, DAVENPORT delivered a set of plans and completed the project in a short timeline (60 days after the notice to proceed).

Santa Fe Drive Developments
Project Details
LocationFayetteville, NC
Traffic Design, Roadway Design, Bike/Ped Design, Transportation Impact Analysis, Stormwater/Drainage Design