Route 620 and Route 639 Intersection Safety Study
Project Description

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) contracted DAVENPORT to analyze proposed transportation improvement options to reduce the number of left turn crashes at the intersection of Route 620 (Harrison Road) at Route 639 (Leavells Road/Salem Church Road) in Spotsylvania County, VA. DAVENPORT performed an intersection safety analysis for the intersection which included collecting turning movement traffic counts, bicycle and pedestrian counts, and preparation and analysis of a collision diagram. In order to assess the existing traffic safety issues, crash history for the years 2008-2010 was provided by VDOT and reviewed for the study intersections. The goal of the project was to improve traffic flow as well as alleviate the intersection of the left turn angle crashes. DAVENPORT investigated several solutions to the amount of crashes and provided conceptual design and cost estimates for the most viable improvement. After full evaluation of safety traffic operations, constructability, and cost, DAVENPORT recommended full closure of Griffith Way (north), a nearby intersection to Route639/Leavells Road. DAVENPORT then prepared the complete HSIP application including the B/C calculation.

Route 620 and Route 639 Intersection Safety Study
Project Details
LocationSpotsylvania County, VA
Operational and Safety Study, Transportation Planning