Route 224 & Route 23 Corridor Study
Project Description

As a sub-consultant, DAVENPORT provided traffic engineering services for this project. DAVENPORT’s scope of work included data collection and inventory, and an analysis of existing conditions. DAVENPORT prepared an inventory of existing roadway conditions at 13 critical intersections in the study area. Close coordination with VDOT, TDOT, City of Kingsport, Kingsport MPO and Lenowisco PDC was required. DAVENPORT reviewed traffic count data collected previously from various traffic studies and three years of available crash data. Traffic data collection included vehicle classifications and speeds.

DAVENPORT also completed an inventory of key elements of the existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in the study corridor, noting deficiencies within these systems. Based on our review of past information and the data collected, DAVENPORT summarized existing conditions and deficiencies of the study corridor. Identified deficiencies included operational (i.e. level of service) and physical (i.e. non-standard features, bridge condition). DAVENPORT provided a technical memorandum that summarized the results of the study.

Route 224 & Route 23 Corridor Study
Project Details
LocationKingsport, TN
Traffic Data Collection, Operational and Safety Study