Randall Parkway Improvements
Project Description

DAVENPORT provided 14 temporary signal designs and electrical detail for this project. Another firm had been contracted previously to provide final signal design, however the traffic control plans demonstrated the need for temporary signal designs. The firm doing the final plans did not have the capacity to produce the temporary designs in time frame needed. DAVENPORT provided capacity to the team to deliver the designs on time. The signal design plans were designed in accordance with the NCDOT and City of Wilmington standards and specifications and were designed using the roadway design plans previously prepared under the original agreement and/or amendments. The signals met the City of Wilmington’s needs and achieved NCDOT approval. DAVENPORT’s deep knowledge of signal design provided efficiency such as the ability to be accurate and fast.

DAVENPORT also stepped in to complete the traffic control plans that were only 50% complete. Certain aspects of the traffic control design had already been reviewed and approved, so DAVENPORT had to be flexible and innovative in the design phase to accommodate these items and avoid further delays. The roadway design was also modified three times before the completion of the project and each time, DAVENPORT quickly addressed the changes in the traffic control plans to meet the compressed deadlines. This project required close coordination between all three firms. The 14 temporary signal designs and traffic control plans were delivered on schedule for the preliminary submittal to the city just two weeks after DAVENPORT was hired.

Randall Parkway Improvements
Project Details
City of Wilmington
LocationWilmington, NC
Traffic Design