Pensacola Beach Flounder’s Crossing Evaluation
Project Description

DAVENPORT provided an assessment of Flounder’s Crossing, an existing pedestrian crossing located on Via De Lune Drive in Pensacola. The heavily trafficked crossing provides key access to popular destinations on both sides of the road. The existing Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) was causing significant vehicular queuing of motorists on Via De Luna Drive during times of heavy traffic. DAVENPORT was tasked with researching several options for improving outcomes for vehicular and pedestrian interaction at this mid-block crossing. DAVENPORT researched the ability to modify the existing RRFBs to improve vehicle progression. In addition, mid-block crossing solutions utilized in other areas were researched and summarized. DAVENPORT determined that based on theĀ characteristics of this crosswalk, a controlled crossing, such as a pedestrian hybrid beacon (HAWK) or a standard traffic signal, would provide for better vehicle progression while also serving pedestrians. Ultimately, the installation of a standard traffic signal was recommended as an improvement that could best facilitate the desired pedestrian and vehicle interaction by regulating both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and also allowing for synchronization with the nearby signal at Fort Pickens Road.

Pensacola Beach Flounder’s Crossing Evaluation
Project Details
Escambia County
LocationPensacola, FL
Operational and Safety Study, Transportation Planning