NCDOT Statewide Traffic Data Collection On-Call
Project Description

DAVENPORT is currently under an On call contract to perform turning movement counts (13 or 16 hours), volume/speed/class Data (48 or 168 hours) for intersections and railroad crossings, gap data, pedestrian corridor crossing data, and volume class data for non-motorists as requested. Many of the services above are statewide (any of NCDOT’s 14 Divisions); while some are only for select regions. DAVENPORT has held this same contract with NCDOT for many years.

As an example of a task order under this contract, DAVENPORT was asked to perform a 168 hour volume / speed / classification count near the northern terminus of NC 12 before the end of pavement. We recorded an unacceptable volume disparity between the northbound and southbound traffic which we traced to interference from sand being blown onto the road by the winds and drawn onto the road by vehicles leaving the beach. We consulted with NCDOT and the data requester to adjust the location to a spot less susceptible to this problem. On the recount, we recorded an unexpectedly high percentage of FWHA class 4 – 7 trucks. We had seen these percentages on the first count, but assumed that this anomaly was also a result of the sand interfering with the operation of the tubes. After some research, we determined that these truck percentages were the result of commercial companies offering off-road tours to view the wild horses inhabiting the area.


NCDOT Statewide Traffic Data Collection On-Call
Project Details
LocationNorth Carolina
Traffic Data Collection