NCDOT SS-4912BU Spot Safety Study Signal Designs
Project Description

This Spot Safety project in Gastonia, NC was coordinated by NCDOT and was aimed at increasing vehicular safety throughout the city. DAVENPORT was engaged by NCDOT to design the signal modifications required after the repaving and restriping of Franklin Boulevard. The resulting cross-section generated a 5 lane section with center turn lanes. The signal designs were to accommodate the new lane arrangement on US 29-74 (Franklin Boulevard) to include calculations of the yellow, all-red, and pedestrian clearance times for the revised pavement marking layout. Stop bar locations were verified to ensure that all necessary turning movements could be adequately accommodated.

A total of 16 existing signalized intersections were affected by the changes and required signal modifications to accommodate the new lane designations. Various upgrades to pedestrian accommodations, including crosswalk pavement markings, and the addition of pedestrian push button signals adhering to ADA standards were incorporated into design. The signal plan revisions included upgrades to Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) left turn indications for left turn movements on Franklin Boulevard. As a result of the new Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) phasing, existing signal cabinets were upgraded to accommodate the new phasing. Protected / permitted left turn movements on Franklin Boulevard were also designed to accommodate ‘alternate’ phasing with either protected / permitted or fully protected left turn phasing available per a Time-of-Day plan. The hours of each phasing plan were to be determined by the Division Traffic Engineer.

NCDOT wished to accelerate the schedule of the resurfacing project, thus resulting in the need to provide the signal modification designs in a timely manner while pavement marking plan development was ongoing. DAVENPORT was able to efficiently coordinate the signal modification designs with NCDOT’s local design staff who were assigned with compiling the pavement marking plans simultaneously. The expedited plan set was able to be provided within a short 6 week time frame to NCDOT’s satisfaction.

NCDOT SS-4912BU Spot Safety Study Signal Designs
Project Details
LocationGastonia, NC
Traffic Design