NC 24 Safety and Operational Study
Project Description

DAVENPORT was selected to conduct a safety and operational study of a 3.37 mile stretch of NC 24 (Main Street) within the limits of the Town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. The purpose of the study was to examine solutions to improve safety along NC 24. Specifically, the local business community and town officials had concerns regarding the speed of traffic traveling through town, traffic from East Duplin High School using Railroad Street to avoid existing traffic signals, congestion at NC 24 and NC 41 traffic signal, and motorists using the center turn lane as an acceleration lane.

A steering committee was developed which included NCDOT Eastern Region and Division 3 staff, Town of Beulaville leaders, business owners and citizens.  The involvement of these members was sought in order to ensure input and perspectives of various parties were incorporated into the study.

DAVENPORT performed a comprehensive review of the existing conditions to develop alternatives to address the concerns of the town council and citizens. Based on the findings of DAVENPORT’s analysis, excess speeds were determined to be a major contributor to crashes along this section of NC 24. DAVENPORT met with the Steering Committee to discuss potential alternatives for traffic calming. DAVENPORT presented multiple options to the committee and outlined┬áthe varying advantages and disadvantages of each option. In addition, DAVENPORT developed two potential improvement options for consideration, including providing conceptual level design plans for both options and an analysis of the feasibility and cost of each option. Both options address the major priorities of the study corridor including improving traffic safety, reducing speeds, alleviating capacity issues at NC 41 and Railroad Avenue, and providing for the long-term integrity of the NC 24 corridor through Beulaville.

NC 24 Safety and Operational Study
Project Details
LocationBeulaville, NC
Operational and Safety Study, Traffic Data Collection, Transportation Planning, Roadway Design