Lewisville-Clemmons Road Sidewalk
Project Description

DAVENPORT provided Construction Engineering and Inspection services for this project which included approximately 1,765 linear feet of 5’ wide concrete sidewalk including related earthwork, driveways and 1350 square feet of segmental retaining wall. As the project was beginning construction, NCDOT halted wor k pending design revisions. NCDOT subsequently issued construction documents for an expanded scope, including widening, a storm drain system and curb & gutter. A supplemental agreement was negotiated with the Contractor, Silas Ridge Construction Services, who restarted construction, with NCDOT self-performing the CEI on the expanded-scope portions. DAVENPORT took over the CEI duties at that point, under our former contract with the Town of Lewisville, inspecting the concrete sidewalk construction, joint sealing, finished grading, seeding & straw mulching, manhole and meter box finished grade adjustments.

Lewisville-Clemmons Road Sidewalk
Project Details
Town of Lewisville
LocationLewisville, NC
Construction Engineering Inspection