Leatherwood Development
Project Description

DAVENPORT completed a comprehensive traffic impact analysis for the proposed Leatherwood Development in Bluefield, VA. As proposed, the mixed-use development includes retail, two  hotels, three restaurants, a home improvement store, 50,000 square feet of retail, a supermarket, pharmacy, a 60,0000 square foot medical clinic, 50,000 square feet of office, 166 single family homes and 100 townhomes. Traffic modeling in VISSIM software was performed to study the freeway ramps and potential impacts of a downstream traffic signal and the transition of US 460 from a freeway to a signalized arterial route. Other elements of this multi-phase study included traffic data collection for 14 intersections and seven roadway segments, signal warrant review, and coordination with VDOT Bristol District on a controlled access break. At this time, DAVENPORT is performing conceptual design for the roadway improvements within public right of way.

Leatherwood Development
Project Details
LocationBluefield, VA
Traffic Data Collection, Transportation Impact Analysis