Jacksonville Downtown Parking and Circulation Study
Project Description

DAVENPORT conducted a circulation and parking study for the downtown area of Jacksonville, NC. This multi-modal study included considerations for all modes of transportation including vehicles, trucks, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. The goal of the study was to improve circulation, interconnectivity and the area’s overall cohesiveness and vibrancy.

As part of the study, DAVENPORT conducted a parking study to evaluate the current and future parking needs and supply, and provide recommendations. DAVENPORT provided recommendations for loading zones, curb radii, and parking access. DAVENPORT evaluated and provided recommendations for areas with existing parking capacity issues, the existing angle parking along New Bridge Street, and provided recommendations regarding the future parking needs associated with the future build out of available retail space per the Downtown Master Plan.

DAVENPORT worked closely with key stakeholders including the Downtown Planning Committee. DAVENPORT met with stakeholders to obtain feedback on various aspects of the study. DAVENPORT also prepared 3-dimensional, street level photographic renderings to aid the City in educating residents on the proposed roadway changes.

Other aspects of the study include an analysis of traffic and crash data; recommendations for bicycle, pedestrian and public transportation improvements; recommendations for enhanced streetscaping; and conceptual geometric design for roadway improvement alternatives.

Jacksonville Downtown Parking and Circulation Study
Project Details
City of Jacksonville
LocationJacksonville, NC
Traffic Data Collection, Transportation Impact Analysis, Transportation Planning, Roadway Design, Operational and Safety Study, Parking Study, GIS/Mapping, Public Involvement