High Point University Transportation Needs Assessment
Project Description

DAVENPORT performed a multi-modal transportation and safety study for High Point University (HPU). The university was considering limiting vehicular assess to the internal campus roads and desired to improve safety for pedestrians and bicycles, while maintaining efficient traffic circulation. DAVENPORT was tasked with identifying transportation needs as they related to the restricted roadway access, elimination of parking spaces, and planned expansions, including new student housing and academic areas. The scope of services also included plans to maintain access for emergency, delivery and other auxiliary vehicles, and recommendations to changes to existing transit operations. DAVENPORT provided short-term recommendations, and also addressed broader transportation master plan issues.

As part of the proposed street closures, HPU was set to lose 125 existing parking spaces. However, a large number of spaces at lots further from central campus were regularly underutilized. DAVENPORT recommended designating the outer parking areas (accessible by HPU’s transit service) and certain reserved spaces for employees. We also recommended changes to the existing transit system in order to encourage students living in northern housing areas to use the transit system. Other recommendations included adding additional bicycle racks, bike lanes, and bike shelters on campus, installing high visibility crosswalks and signage at key intersections, and improving lighting along North College Drive to increase pedestrian safety. Based upon DAVENPORT’s analysis, a future deficiency in the number of parking spaces was projected. DAVENPORT’s long range solutions included providing incentives for transit use and carpooling. A property in the northwest corner of campus was also identified as a potential area for an additional future parking lot.


High Point University Transportation Needs Assessment
Project Details
LocationHigh Point, NC
Operations and Safety Study, Parking Study, Transportation Planning