Guilford Technical Community College Parking Deck Study
Project Description

Guilford Technical Community College selected DAVENPORT to conduct operational and feasibility studies for two proposed parking decks on the Jamestown Campus. DAVENPORT examined how each deck was going to function including the potential effects on pedestrian activity, parking, traffic queuing, and roadway connections. The first of these studies examined two alternative access configurations for a proposed 365 car parking deck.

DAVENPORT was also tasked with identifying transportation improvements that would be required under each scenario. Work included analysis of three intersections as well as queuing analysis at the gated entrance to the parking deck. DAVENPORT provided GTCC with a list of recommended transportation improvements for each alternative. DAVENPORT also provided transportation engineering services for another proposed parking deck for the Jamestown Campus. Our team worked closely with the design team to evaluate construction options including location and access, and provide recommendations for the access road including width and number of lanes. An analysis of the intersection of Access Road and Bonner Drive was conducted to determine what improvements would be necessary. DAVENPORT also served as the liaison between GTCC and the NCDOT. Recommendations provided by DAVENPORT included installing raised pedestrian crosswalks to ensure pedestrian safety while also providing traffic calming along the access road and installing two entry gates on the parking deck in order to minimize traffic queuing back onto Bonner Drive. In order to increase safety and eliminate conflict points in the area, DAVENPORT recommended closing/aligning access to two adjacent parking areas.

Guilford Technical Community College Parking Deck Study
Project Details
Guilford Technical Community College
LocationJamestown, NC
Parking Study