Guilford Technical Community College Master Plan
Project Description

As part of Guilford Technical Community College’s development of a Master Plan, DAVENPORT was selected to provide transportation consulting services for the Jamestown Campus. GTCC’s plan included the remodeling of existing academic buildings; the addition of future buildings, internal roads and parking decks; and the future development of the North Campus which is separated from the remainder of campus by an existing railroad. GTCC desired to identify potential transportation impacts from NCDOT’s planned modifications to High Point Road as part of the Jamestown Bypass project, and also evaluate potential transportation related benefits and impacts from a proposed tunnel/connector road that would connect the two parts of campus. DAVENPORT performed a transportation impact study which included consideration of existing conditions, as well as future transportation needs for the Jamestown Campus. This included the analysis of multiple intersections, review of onsite circulation, and overall needed infrastructure for safe and efficient mobility and operation.

DAVENPORT provided GTCC with positive impacts and potential challenges associated with NCDOT planned road improvements and also provided recommendations to GTCC with regards to future intersection, parking, and roadway improvements needed both with the proposed tunnel/connector road and without. DAVENPORT also assisted GTCC with an update of their existing Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). DAVENPORT reviewed the college’s existing EOP and revised the plan to include a transportation evacuation plan (TEP).


Guilford Technical Community College Master Plan
Project Details
Guilford Technical Community College
LocationJamestown, NC
Transportation Impact Analysis, Operations and Safety Study, Traffic Data Collection