Greensboro-Randolph Mega Site
Project Description

DAVENPORT was requested to provide wetlands delineation and stream assessment team support for the Randolph – Greensboro Mega Site located southeast of the City of Greensboro in Randolph County, NC. The project site encompassed approximately 15-miles and was located in Randolph County, NC.

DAVENPORT provided turn-key environmental services during the initial phase of assessment. Potential wetlands were identified using the Routine On-Site Determination Method as described in the 1987 US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Wetlands Delineation Manual (1987 Federal Manual) and appropriate Regional Supplements. Streams were delineated per procedures specified by the USACE and the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NCDWR). Services provided included conducting stream assessments and preparing both USACE and NCDEQ DWR Stream Assessment Forms, assessing potential wetland areas and preparing USACE Data Sheets, and collecting GPS coordinates of documented wetlands and stream centerlines located within the project area.

Greensboro-Randolph Mega Site
Project Details
City of Greensboro
LocationRandolph County, NC
Wetlands Delineation