FC-100 SB31 Design
Project Description

The FC-100 Site is an approximately 10-acre parcel located on McHugh Boulevard in the French Creek area of Camp Lejeune. Building FC- 100 currently houses a Combat Vehicle Maintenance Shop which is operated by the Combat Logistics Battalion 26 Motor Pool. A subsurface investigation was conducted in 2008 to identify any potential contamination or environmental issues that would possibly affect proposed construction activities, consisting of grading and paving parking areas around the structure. The results of the investigation documented the presence of soil and groundwater contamination. DAVENPORT, along with a sub-consultant, provided the professional services necessary to assist in preparing and issuing the design documents and permit applications, as well as review of the construction contractors work plan for an active remediation system in accordance with the final corrective action plan (CAP). The proposed remediation strategy consists of a combination of horizontal pulse air sparge (PAS) and soil vapor extraction (SVE) technology to meet the regulatory goals for soil and groundwater remediation. In addition to the soil, the use of a SVE system will also provide for vapor recovery of the air that is introduced into the subsurface via the PAS system. Due to the potential of the proposed systems to generate vapors beneath the existing structures, a monitoring program for potential vapors within the existing structures is included as part of this design. Upon project completion, soils and groundwater in the vicinity of the remediation design should be remediated to contaminant levels below the Surface to Groundwater Maximum Soil Contaminant Concentrations (STGW MSCC’s), and the designed system is to remediate the groundwater below the North Carolina 2L Groundwater Quality Standards.

FC-100 SB31 Design
Project Details
LocationCamp Lejeune, NC
GIS Mapping, Remediation