City of Durham Traffic Data Collection On-Call
Project Description

As a City of Durham on-call consultant, DAVENPORT was retained to collect over 400 peak hour counts, tube counts, pedestrian and bicycle counts, and travel time speed studies through the Durham Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO region. Our scope of work included peak-hour counts of vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, bidirectional 24-hour class counts, bidirectional 48-hour class counts, mid-block and intersection bike and pedestrian counts, and travel time studies.

DAVENPORT collected 12-hour bike and pedestrian counts. Counts were conducted Tuesday thru Thursday or as requested by the client. Data was provided in Petra and CSV format. DAVENPORT utilizes traffic cameras to gain additional information and for internal quality checks. While recording vehicular data at various locations in Durham, DAVENPORT’s cameras captured traffic events including detours and traffic congestion due to construction, collisions, and other events. DAVENPORT technicians were able to utilize this information to account for abnormalities in the traffic data.


City of Durham Traffic Data Collection On-Call
Project Details
City of Durham
LocationDurham, NC
Traffic Data Collection