Carolina Beach Road Super Street Improvements
Project Description

NCDOT required a transportation impact analysis (TIA) to determine the effect of a proposed commercial development on Carolina Beach Road. DAVENPORT was contacted by the developer to provide that TIA. As the development progressed, DAVENPORT was retained for roadway design, traffic signal design, and signal system timing services for the roadway improvements identified by the TIA.

DAVENPORT’s Solution

The TIA’s initial improvements recommended adding dual left turn lanes on the southbound and westbound approaches. This “traditional solution” would have resulted in a six-lane section on the retail center entrance, and would have required the purchase of a $3,000,000 outparcel. DAVENPORT developed a creative, cost-effective solution to the intersection mitigation issues. A superstreet concept was utilized on US 421 (Carolina Beach Road) as an innovative approach to improving the safety and efficiency of this major corridor. The superstreet design also incorporated an emergency vehicle crossing with emergency vehicle preemption signal operation for the Myrtle Grove Fire Department.

Carolina Beach Road Super Street Improvements
Project Details
LocationWilmington, NC
Transportation Impact Analysis, Transportation Planning, Traffic Design, Raodway Design, Traffic Data Collection