A-47 Remediation
Project Description

DAVENPORT provided environmental services for this project. Our scope of work included activities necessary to conduct a soil excavation of petroleum-impacted soils to North Carolina State clean-up levels in an area where a 30,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) had been previously removed. Based upon various environmental assessments, two areas in the vicinity of the UST were recommended to be excavated. Field screening of soils was performed to assist with defining the limits of the excavation. The excavation was extended approximately two feet into the water table to maximize the potential removal of free-phase product. Soil sampling and laboratory analysis was performed to confirm all contaminated soil exceeding required limits was removed. DAVENPORT was able to work together in order to minimize interruptions to base activities. Coordination between our team and the base allowed a short planned outage while relocating a power pole. The project was phased in order to maintain traffic on the site, and to facilitate the abandonment and removal of approximately 11 groundwater monitoring wells that were located in close proximity to the area of excavation. The groundwater monitoring wells were replaced at the end of the project.Upon project completion the site was restored to its previous condition including reconstruction of the asphalt parking lot areas. The final deliverable of this project included a soil cleanup report, as well as abandonment and construction records.

A-47 Remediation
Project Details
LocationCamp Lejeune, NC
Remediation, GIS/Mapping